Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter a Day from Closing

By Alexander Leach

There’s only one day left before the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter finishes.

It staggers me just how many of these video game Kickstarters greatly surpass the million mark – granted, this one was aiming for slightly lower than a mill, but double your goal is still impressive. The willingness for gamers, myself included, to give money to game developers in the hopes of producing better content is heartening, and somewhat concerning.

There’s certainly a lot of reasons for excitement. Monte Cook is involved, Tony Evans of NWN fame and Colin McColm, and Chris Avellone is confirmed as of the 3.5 million mark. People who worked on Planescape: Torment, and Neverwinter Nights: Mask of the Betrayer (an amazing story and game, far better than the core game) are working on this. (more…)


Too Easy: A Response to James Desborough’s ‘In Defense of Rape’

By Alexander Leach

Gaming writer James Desborough’s post defending rape as a literary device has caused a bit of a stir. It might be more appropriate to say that the responses to it have caused the stir – Responses, counter-responses, a PR message from Mongoose, a publicized email exchange, and an online petition to game company Steve Jackson Games to cease printing work by Mr. Desborough have made their rounds around the Web (and apparently, as the email exchange claims, resulted in several threats of rape towards the petitioner). I haven’t read the whole closed thread on, but it looks it exploded like prima donna player who’s dice roll was forgotten.

It’s undeniable that Mr. Desborough’s pretty smug about it, spending most of the post chiding his critics (even before he added in a message, he spent the first few paragraphs belittling those who immediately react negatively to all depictions of rape). His unfortunate choice of title has undoubtedly contributed to the response. I have not read his other contributions on sexuality and gaming, but the relevant ones appear to mostly be satirical works on sex in gaming and depictions of female gamers. I haven’t read any these contributions, so I can’t say much on how offensive they are; what I have seen isn’t something that I’d hope anyone would actually use in games.

The responses to him, particularly the petitions, One of them makes an interesting point in the final paragraph – he doesn’t really address why it’s referred to as a ‘lazy plot device’. (more…)

Overwhelming Errata: Exalted and the problems with repeated fixes in tabletop

By Alexander Leach

We haven’t done a pen-and-paper game post…well, ever. That was supposed to be part of the blog, but given that I’m in a bit of a rut for gaming, I’ve been putting it off. Also, video game news seems to move a lot more quickly than pen-and-paper news, so it’s generally easier to find something to talk about with video games.

But since I’ve been musing on this for a while, I think I’ll give my opinions on the Exalted system and the errata.