Gaming Solipsism: The Death of Offline Play

By Alexander Leach

Diablo 3 isn’t high on my wish list for games to play. I’m shifting back into the mindset where I rarely play new games (saving money and stress by waiting a few months, at the risk of being spoiled for it). Most of what I’ve heard of the game is rather intriguing; it appears to be a solid third game in the series, with a decent single-player story.

Assuming people can play it. (more…)


Goin’ Indie: The end of the Humber Et Cetera year

Well, the Humber et Cetera’s Winter term is done, which means I’m no longer a student, and this blog’s no longer officially part of the paper.

Luckily, the school’s not keeping the blogs for next year, which means you’ll see a whole new set of blogs there next year, maybe. But I’m keeping Stomping and Looting as a personal gaming blog. We’ll be relaxing CP style and I won’t be getting outside editors, so expect a few more errors.

-Alexander Leach