Goin’ Indie: The end of the Humber Et Cetera year

Well, the Humber et Cetera’s Winter term is done, which means I’m no longer a student, and this blog’s no longer officially part of the paper.

Luckily, the school’s not keeping the blogs for next year, which means you’ll see a whole new set of blogs there next year, maybe. But I’m keeping Stomping and Looting as a personal gaming blog. We’ll be relaxing CP style and I won’t be getting outside editors, so expect a few more errors.

-Alexander Leach


Humber Et Cetera Watch: Used Video Games

I’m afraid I missed last week’s post, so I’ll be doing two this week. In the meantime, here’s my op-ed on used video games from the Humber Et Cetera:

War on used video games costs us

Humber Et Cetera Watch: LARPing and Dark Souls

By Alexander Leach

Newspaper plug time!

Firstly, following my blog post on Dark Souls, I wrote an Opinion Editorial in the paper about game difficulty. You can read it here: Losing at videogames still fun

Also, Justin Crann made an interesting photo-gallery on LARPing coming to Humber’s North Campus. While I’m the online editor of the paper, I didn’t make this – it was all Justin. Enjoy: Humber RPG club brings LARP to North campus

We’ve been neglecting non-video gaming lately, and I’m sorry for that – I’m going to try to focus more on that.

See you next week, and keep gaming.

Humber Et Cetera Watch: Call of Duty drags video games down

As mentioned in the first post, this blog is associated with the Humber Et Cetera, the campus newspaper written and produced by journalism students.

One of the opinion-editorial pieces in this week’s publication was on Call of Duty and its effect on the gaming industry, written by sports editor Jacob Gallo.

As we demand the video game monopoly for the Et Cetera, we’re posting the link here:


Going forward, we’ll be posting each week where a video game or other gaming-relevant article is published online. This could be as many links as are present.

Stay tuned, and keep gaming.

Stomping and Looting: Humber Et Cetera’s gaming blog

Hello, and welcome. This is Stomping and Looting, a weekly gaming blog for the Humber Et Cetera that discusses video games and table-top/pen-and-paper gaming.

The Et Cetera is Humber College’s campus newspaper, produced and written by students from the Journalism program. As part of the 2012 run, students are also producing a number of blogs on various subjects, ranging from business to animals and, of course, gaming.

Stomping and Looting is updated by Alexander Leach and Scott Dixon.

Stay tuned, and remember: there’s always more treasure past the next trap.