Curiosity killed Schrödinger’s cat: Peter Molyneux’s new game

Peter Molyneux and Geoff Keighley on GGTV, showing off the concept for Curiosity. Apparently the cube’s secret may be toxic waste, no doubt gleaned from Vent chats. Photo Courtesy of Google.

By Alexander Leach

Apparently, this game will change our lives.

Peter Molyneux, creator of the lackluster Fable series and the enjoyable Black and White games, has announced his first game on his own with startup company 22 Cans.

He’s no stranger to promising the moon will pop out of every game he produces. Fable never lived up to the hype created for it, and Black and White, while a good game, wasn’t nearly what seemed to be promised. In fact, I found the Fable games downright boring in terms of mechanics, and never could quite play the games through. There’s even a fake Twitter account for Peter, making fun of his artistic promises (at least I think it’s fake).

As for Curiosity, everything I’ve seen of this game, and it’s premise, makes me think one thing.

Is this a joke?