Archwing in Warframe – A Good Takeoff

By Alexander Leach

Warframe recently released a major update, which consists of graphical upgrades, system rebalances (namely, making all the Warframe abilities innate rather than tied to mods, and replacing all those mods with fusion cores used for upgrade) a new magician-themed Warframe, and an entirely new game mode – the Archwing mode. I love Warframe, but having an entirely new mode, separate from the main ninja-combat gameplay, is a risky proposition.

I’ve wanted to write a post here about Warframe for a long time, about Dark Sectors, the competitive-PVP element. However, considering I continually made myself depressed, and Dark Sectors were quickly abandoned by DE in favour of their far-stronger cooperative multiplayer elements, it just never happened. Perhaps it will, but it seems the mode has been largely pushed aside.

It took some time to actually get the parts together and built – a few missions to collect the parts, 6 hours to build all three, then a day and a half to build. After that, and playing the first Archwing model to near-max level, I think I can say what I think of Archwing.

It’s really quite fun. In fact, it’s great. (more…)