The Dark Growing Within: Lore Speculation on Dark Souls 2 and the DLC (Spoilers)

Dark Souls’ final DLC is to come out a week from today, assuming no delays. The last of the three ‘Crown’ DLCs, it will deal with the Ivory King’s royal headpiece, and his wintery kingdom.

Warning: Spoilers ahead of varying degrees. If you haven’t beaten at least the core game, you might get spoiled.

Also, a lot of this info is supplemented by analysis by Youtube videos analyzing the Dark Souls Lore and providing interpretations. VaatiVidya is the one I use the most, but many other ones like Hellkite Drake and Silver Mont are interesting, as well. Credit where credit is due. Check them out and decide for yourself if their evaluations are correct.

Finally, lots of nerd speculation and fantheories in this blog post. It’s my blog, I can write what I want. Having a background in English Literature makes you obsess over meaningless interpretation like this, and I enjoy it. So take it for what it is.



Dark Souls and Why I Don’t think Magic is Overpowered

By Alexander Leach

I just got done playing Dark Souls 2 for review on CGMagazine. Should be in the print publication, as well as on their website. As you can tell, I really enjoyed it.

Full disclosure, though. I played a Sorcerer.

Normally, I wouldn’t think this would be a problem. I play magical classes in every single game, out of personal preference for the intellectual or spiritual figure who can manifest those qualities directly with energy blasts or other direct manipulations of reality. Dark Souls magic are thematically cool; the soul-energy of sorcery, the primal flames of pyromancy, the divine lightning of miracles, and the inviting, dark power of hexes are all well-represented and distinct, particularly in Dark Souls 2. With the effort they put into them, its somewhat troubling that people are dismissive of them.

Sorcery seems to have a series of detractors in Dark Souls 2, claiming that sorcery is for ‘babies’ and that magic is overpowered, negating the game’s famous difficulty. This isn’t new; the same attitudes arose in the first Dark Souls, as well. In the original, they had a point – magic made many of the bosses laughably easy, including the final boss. In the second game, however, I don’t believe that this is as much of a case.


Humber Et Cetera Watch: LARPing and Dark Souls

By Alexander Leach

Newspaper plug time!

Firstly, following my blog post on Dark Souls, I wrote an Opinion Editorial in the paper about game difficulty. You can read it here: Losing at videogames still fun

Also, Justin Crann made an interesting photo-gallery on LARPing coming to Humber’s North Campus. While I’m the online editor of the paper, I didn’t make this – it was all Justin. Enjoy: Humber RPG club brings LARP to North campus

We’ve been neglecting non-video gaming lately, and I’m sorry for that – I’m going to try to focus more on that.

See you next week, and keep gaming.

Dark Souls and the Shame of Wiping the Slate Clean

This handsome fellow was one of my joyous greeters, and one of the easier bosses. Photo Courtesy of From Software.

By Alexander Leach

So I have been playing Dark Souls lately — offline due to my inability to hook my PS3 into my modem (spatial concerns) — and I have to say that I’m enjoying it, even if I do lose a lot of stuff at times.

Which brings me to my anecdote.